Map a Network Drive (Mac)

To map a drive on your Mac computer:

  1. Select the "Connect to Server" option from the the Finder "Go" menu

    Connect to Server under the Go menu
  2. Enter the appropriate server address in the resulting "Connect to Server" menu (replacing "username" with your UW username where needed)

    1. N: drive (Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students): smb://$/username

    2. N: drive (Undergraduate Students): smb://$/username

    3. R: (department) drive: smb://$

    4. Research drive: smb://$ (replacing "sharename" with the name of your research share)

    5. SAS folder: smb://$/username

      Entering the server address in the Connect to Server dialog
  3. You will be prompted to enter your name and password. Select the "Registered User" option and enter your UW userid (prefaced with "nexus\" as below) and your UW/Quest/WatIAM password.​

The contents of the network drive will be opened in Finder and a drive icon may appear on the desktop.