Tips for TAs and professors helping students use the teaching labs

  • If a student cannot logon to a computer when they show up for the first lab, they probably registered late for the course. They will need to stop by the MAD Help Desk.
  • Remind students that each computer has a D: drive which is a local hard drive on the computer. Files can be stored there for the duration of their session. Students should not leave files on the D: drive between sessions. All files should be backed up on their N: (network file storage) drives and/or USB keys/portable device before logging out.
  • All printers are in the General Use Lab 1 (EV2 room 1011). Students can send their print jobs to these printers from the lab computers.
  • With the exception of closeable water bottles, no food or drink is allowed in the lab. It is your job as the instructor to help enforce this rule.
  • If a student doesn’t know their NEXUS password to login to the lab computers they can reset it by visiting the WatIAM. Students can log in with their WatIAM password (used for email, Quest, etc.) and choose "Change My Password". The password they set will update both their WatIAM password and their NEXUS password.

See tips for using the projectors in the teaching labs.

If you have technical issues, submit a Jira Service Desk (JSD) ticket or email If you need help after hours or on the weekends, contact IST Service Desk.