Tips for remote meetings and conference calls

Care must be exercised to manage and protect privacy during meetings held remotely. Whether you are the host or a participant, take note of these policies for enhancing confidentiality: 

Before the meeting/call

  • Pick a quiet location with little to no background noise.

  • If possible, use a wired connection to prevent poor connectivity with Wi-Fi. 

  • Ensure your laptop is charged to avoid low battery or poor machine performance during the call.

  • Use headphones or earbuds to help eliminate echo.

  • Test your video and audio inputs to ensure they are working properly. 

In Teams: Click your profile picture in the top-right of the window then go to Settings > Devices. Select your desired inputs from each drop down menu. 

In WebEx: When you start or join a meeting, you'll see the Audio and Video Connection page. Select your desired audio and video inputs from the drop-down menus. 

During the meeting and/or call

  • Mute your microphone whenever you are not speaking to avoid picking up background noise and interference. 

  • To conserve Internet bandwidth and to reduce lag, only turn on your video when you are speaking. 



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