How to remember your device for 30 days

With the remember your device feature enabled, you won’t be challenged for secondary authentication again when you log in to that application from that device.


Never check the "remember me" box on a public or other untrusted computer. You should only use the “remember me” option on a trusted device, such as your personal computer. 

Note for iOS users

iOS/iPad OS Users: Prior to iOS/iPad OS 14, WKWebview, which all browsers on iOS are required to use, limits the ability to issue and read browser cookies. Therefore, you will not be able to use the "remember me for 30 days" option. 

In iOS/iPad OS 14, users can select "allow cross-website tracking" settings > browser name > allow cross-website tracking. This will allow the browsers to use third-party cookies, which will enable users to use the "remember me for 30 days" option.

MacOS Safari Users: Safari 12 does not allow exceptions for third-party cookies and hence you will not be able to use this function. For Safari 13 or later, you will need to change the settings by following the guide:

Note for Google Chrome users

The “Remember me for 30 days” option is not always available for Google Chrome users due to a cookies error associated with the browser, as shown below. To enable this option please refer to the article .

Step-by-step guide

Your device must be set up to send a push notification automatically in order for the steps below to work. For instructions, please see

  1. Log in to the Device Management portal

  2. Set your When I log in option as Ask me for authentication method


  3. Next, you will need to log in to one of your UWaterloo accounts that require DUO authentication such as your email, WatIAM, Quest or LEARN. Wait until it asks you which authentication method you would like to choose.

  4. Below the list of authentication methods, there is an option to select Remember me for 30 days


  5. If you select "Remember for 30 days" you will still be prompted to "authenticate". Your 2FA authentication will now be remembered on your device/browser for the next 30 days.

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