DUO 2FA for Shared Accounts

Authentication using DUO 2FA will differ depending on whether the shared account is configured as a generic linked account or using a security group.

Shared accounts created with a security group

A shared account created with a security group will prompt you to enter your credentials at login. You must sign in using your own WatIAM username and password, and the DUO prompt will be sent to the DUO device connected to your personal account.

Generic linked accounts

If the shared account you are accessing is a generic linked account, sign in with the generic account WatIAM credentials. Your DUO device will need to be connected to the generic account in order to receive the DUO prompt. If your device has not yet been connected to the generic account, it can be added using one of the following methods:

  • An individual with a DUO device connected to the generic account can add your device using the Device Management Portal

  • A member of the IST Service Desk team can add your device to the generic account

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