Can I install my own Wi-Fi access point?

Please review the University’s Wireless Guidelines.

The installation of private Wi-Fi access points and routers can disrupt the campus W-Fi service for other users.  Please review factors affecting wifi service for more information about the impacts to campus Wi-Fi service caused by interference from rogue access points and other sources.

However, it is recognized that there will be situations in which a member of the university will need to setup their own wireless access point infrastructure. This might include for example, researchers doing wireless research, or requiring custom wireless configurations, conference or special meeting needs, etc.

Private Wi-Fi access points and routers may not be installed in student residences under any circumstances.

Researchers considering the need for private Wi-Fi infrastructure should read:

Memo to the campus community

To: University of Waterloo Campus Community

From: Bruce Campbell, Director, Technology Integrated Services (TIS)

Date: November 13, 2013

Re: Interference from private routers and other sources affecting campus Wi-Fi service



The University has made major investments in upgrades and expansion of the campus Wi-Fi service (eduroam), a reflection of the importance of this service to students, faculty, and staff. The University makes a strong commitment in staff time and budget to ensure this service continues to meet the needs of the campus community.


We are experiencing problems with radio frequency interference from wireless routers, Wi-Fi Access Points (APs), wireless printers, and some other devices, installed in private offices or labs, to the extent that we cannot provide dependable Wi-Fi service near those areas.

How you can help

We request that anyone who has set up a wireless router or mobile hot spot in their office or lab disable this device, and use the University provided Wi-Fi service. If this service does not meet your needs, please contact me to discuss options for meeting your requirements in ways that do not disrupt Wi-Fi service for other users. We also request that anyone who has set up a wireless printer, AirPort Time Capsule, wireless projector, or similar device, disable the wireless feature and use a cable, to avoid disrupting Wi-Fi service for other users.

IST's role

In the coming months, staff from Information Systems & Technology (IST) will visit campus buildings with equipment to locate remaining devices which interfere with the campus Wi-Fi service. They will ask owners of this equipment to disconnect it, or to move to a technology which does not interfere with Wi-Fi. As always, our staff members are available to assist with a transition to non-interfering technology.

Additional information and obtaining assistance

Bruce Campbell
Director, Technology Integrated Services
Information Systems and Technology
University of Waterloo
519-888-4567 ext. 38323