UWaterloo Scholar

About this service

The University of Waterloo is using OpenScholar, an open source software solution built on Drupal, to provide dynamic and customizable personal websites for Waterloo faculty and researchers.

Guidelines for use

Owners of UWaterloo Scholar sites must:

  • Only use as a personal website with your full name as the site title.

  • Only post web content that complies with web accessibility at the University of Waterloo.

  • Ensure copyright and other legal compliance; ensure consistency with University policy and guidelines; comply with general best practices for web content.

  • Inform WCMS support if you are leaving the University of Waterloo or if the site is no longer required for any reason.

What's available

  • Personal websites for Waterloo faculty and researchers.

  • A secure, professional environment for the promotion of personal or academic work and achievements.

  • A robust Publications library, interactive blog, upcoming events, news, classes, and more.

Who can use this service

Faculty, Researchers

How to request this service

Faculty and researcher personal sites are offered on a self-serve basis and are built using the WatIAM userid of the faculty member or researcher. Visit UWaterloo Scholar to get started.

New to working on a Waterloo website?

Review these resources before you get started:

Support for this service

There is documentation for UWaterloo Scholar on the WCMS Knowledge base.


No cost.

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