Forwarding emails from your student Office 365 account

Please avoid forwarding emails to Gmail accounts ( as emails tend to become lost or are not forwarded.


  1. Go to:

  2. Log in with your username@uwaterloo (e.g. and your password.

In the Second Password field, enter one of the following (i.e. push, 6 digit code, bypass code, SMS, phone) then click OK

  • For Duo Mobile push (app):  

    • Open your Duo app, select University of Waterloo, enter the code in the second password field [Recommended option], or 

    • Enter ‘push' or 'push1’ to send the prompt to your primary device, or 

    • Enter ‘push2’ to receive the prompt on a secondary device, ‘push3’ to receive the prompt on a tertiary device, etc. 

  • For Duo hardware token: enter your 6-digit code 

  • For Duo Bypass code: enter your bypass code 

  • For SMS codes: enter ‘sms’; you will get a text message with 10 codes. Re-enter your password, and type the first code in the second password field. 

  • For Yubikey: enter the code generated by touching the Yubikey 

  • For Phone Call: enter 'phone

    • Enter ‘phone2’ to receive the prompt on a secondary device, ‘phone3’ to receive the prompt on a tertiary device, etc. 

    • If you are not receiving Duo phone calls, you may have a setting that is blocking the phone calls. Some possible solutions include adding the Duo phone number, (306) 900-4884, to your device whitelist, or if the service is blocking unknown callers, add the Duo phone number as a contact on the device. 

  • iPhone: 'Silence Unknown Callers' 

  • Telus/Koodo: 'Call Control' 

  • Android: 'Block Unknown Callers' 

  • Call Control or Call Blocker app 

  • Any anti-spam service 


3. At the top right hand side of the page, click on Settings (gear icon). Next, click on View all Outlook settings at the bottom of the page.

4. On the setting page, click on Mail > Rules > Add new rule.

5. Next, choose a name for the new rule.

a. Add a Condition: You have the option of applying this forwarding rule to all messages or specific emails. If you would like all emails to be forwarded, select Apply to all messages.

b. Add an Action: Select Forward to from the drop down box and enter the email address you’d like emails to be forwarded to. This allows you to have the messages forwarded to your personal email, but also keep a copy in your O365 inbox.

If you would like all emails to be rerouted to an account of your choice without leaving a copy in your O365 inbox, select Redirect to from the Add an action box.

6. Check the box Stop processing more rules and click Save to create the rule.


Need help?

Contact the IST Service Desk online or 519-888-4567 ext. 44357.