How to change your Microsoft 365 profile photo in Delve

Microsoft Delve is a collaboration tool included in the Microsoft 365 suite of productivity applications. Delve is designed to help users discover and organize information that is most relevant to their work.

Delve never changes any permissions, so you'll only see documents that you already have access to. Other people will not see your private documents.

To go to Delve, select Delve in the app launcher in Microsoft 365, or open in your browser. You may need to sign in with your Uwaterloo credentials to access Delve.

Change the M365 profile photo in Delve

  1. On your page in Delve, click the camera icon next to your photo.


  1. Click Upload a new photo.

  2. Choose the file you want to use and click Open to upload.

  3. If you want to reposition the photo, click inside the circle, and drag the pointer. To zoom in or out, use the slider below the photo.

  1. To save, click Set as profile photo and then Close.

Note: It might take over 24 hours to synchronize the picture into Teams.

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