WebEx Training Interface for Students

  1. File – use “Leave Training Session” to exit the session and close WebEx Training
  2. Audio – click “Speaker/Microphone Audio Test…” to ensure audio devices are working properly
  3. Participant – Use “Mute” and “Unmute” if you have to speak or not (Only if lecturer has granted microphone privileges to students)
  4. Panelist – Name(s) of lecturer/presenter/TA
  5. Attendee – Names of those attending the session
  6. Interactive Feature
    Raise Hand – Beeps the lecturer and indicates your hand is raised
    b. Yes/No – Use the check (yes) and x (no) to respond to general questions from the lecturer
  7. Chat – Select “Send to” to choose who (Prof., TA, Presenter, etc) you want to message.