How to access Azure Virtual Desktop

How to connect to Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) via Web client

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to the following website:

  2. If you are not already logged in with your University of Waterloo account, you will be prompted to log in.

    1. Enter your 8-character UWaterloo username (e.g. and password. You will also need to authenticate with DUO two-factor authentication)
      For additional information on DUO two-factor authentication, please see

  3. You will be logged into the Windows Virtual Desktop (AVD) Remote App Portal and see the UWaterloo virtual lab desktops that you are permitted to access.

Initializing your OneDrive account

The first time you run WVD, you will need to initialize your OneDrive account, which will provide access to file storage. For instructions on how to do this, follow the guide below

  1. Search for the OneDrive app in the Windows search bar or use the quick menu/Start menu to locate the OneDrive application

  2. Log in to your OneDrive account

How to connect to remoteApps

  1. Once you are logged in to the AVD environment, you will see the remoteApps assigned to you. 


  2. Double-click on a remoteApp to open it.

  3. Grant access to local resources. Click Allow


  4. Log into the local resources with your credentials. Click Submit

    1. and password


    2. You will see a Connecting and launching message.


  5. OneDrive is configured to start at the login to the first remoteApp, KFM folders are redirected to OneDrive

    1. You can see ‘This PC\Documents’ is indeed your OneDrive\Documents folder


  6. To open other remoteApps, All Resources and double click on other apps

  7. Logout from the Remoteapps by clicking on Sign Out at the top right of the window.

How to disconnect from Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

Please make sure to save your work before disconnecting and with NVivo, be sure to use the File - Close Project option before clicking on the X in the upper right to close the application.

  1. Right-click on the Windows Start icon (usually on the bottom left corner of your computer home screen) and click Disconnect.

    1. Alternatively, you can close your web browser window to disconnect from the virtual desktop

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