IST-DIA APIs: Source, Open, Crowd

This wiki will collect the documentation available for the APIs currently administered by the Data, Integration, and Analytics (DIA) team at IST.  These APIs include the Open Data API (v2, deprecated, and v3), the internal Source API for private data, and the future iterations Crowd Data APIs to cover information sourced by the public.

Source API

Internal API providing data directly from source systems to end users. For more information, see

Currently used by systems like WCMS, Portal, WatVote, Evaluate, and more

For further details, contact Sergey Bobkin (

Open Data API (v3/live)

Generally available API providing public and anonymous data directly from source systems to end users.

For more information see the documentation.

At this time we consider this API generally available and ready for production use.

Open Data API (v2/legacy)

Currently deprecated and no longer available, denoted as "Open Data 1.0" in this wiki.

Official documentation available on Github. The documentation in this wiki includes pre-production and "wishlist" endpoints that do not exist in the production API. All production API endpoints are documented in Github.

For more information:

For all requests concerning the Open Data API (including feature suggestions, issues, data inconsistencies), please file a request or submit an issue on Github.

Crowd API (v1/future/vNext)

Currently there is no generally available release.

The API will provide data that is sourced from the community and does not have a data quality guarantee to the same level as the other APIs.

Some of the v2 Open Data API endpoints will be transitioned to the Crowd API due to lack of data stewards and true systems of record.

There is currently no estimated date of release, and this data is currently not in scope for development.