Telephone installation, changes, and features

About this service

IST can assist you with various aspects related to telephones on-campus. IST recommends using Skype for Business for telephone and collaborative communication on campus.

Telephone installation and changes

We can assist with:

  • New extensions

  • Office moves

  • Adding or removing telephone features

  • General phone issues

Requests should be made by the designated telephone representative for a department via Jira Service Desk Portal. If you require a list of TS Admin contacts in your department, please contact  

Voice mail

Voice mail services can be provided to telephone extensions on campus.

Distinctive ringing

Telecommunications Services offers Distinctive Ringing by Directory Number (DRDN) on campus telephone sets. This feature will support up to four additional distinctive rings based on the telephone set being called and the directory numbers programmed on the set.

Service request timelines

To ensure your requests for telephone adds, moves and changes that require a site visit are met in a timely manner, we require five business days' notice to guarantee we can schedule your requests.

Repair of existing equipment will be given priority of 1-2 days. This is very important during peak times at the start of each term.

Who can use this service

Faculty, Staff, IT Support Staff

How to request this service


Minimum notice to use service

Two to five business days.

Support for this service



No cost.

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