Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream is a video storage and collaboration platform, that allows you to share and manage your videos. It is useful for sharing a recording of a meeting, a training session, or an event. A transcript of the recording can be created that shows the speakers and it allows users to adjust the playback speed.

Important changes to this service

Care must be exercised to manage and protect privacy during meetings held remotely and their recordings. Whether you are the host or a participant, take note of these policies for enhancing confidentiality: 

Stream (on SharePoint)

With Stream (on SharePoint), you get enterprise video capabilities combined with what the Microsoft 365 file platform offers. Your videos are uploaded to the same locations where all your other files are stored: on a SharePoint site, in a Microsoft Teams channel, or in your OneDrive. This makes it easier to find and share your videos.

The new Stream start page displays all the videos you have access to across M365 (e.g., SharePoint sites, Microsoft Teams, and your OneDrive). It also shows your recommended, recently opened, frequently opened, and favourited videos. As well, you can now create screen or webcam recordings on the Stream start page.

In Stream (on SharePoint), you’ll share your videos with people in the exact same way you’d share other file types. This means you can now share your videos with people outside of the University of Waterloo. See the relevant how-to steps on how to share your videos:


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