Moving a OneNote Notebook out of the former EDU service

OneNote notebooks are stored separately from OneDrive, so they don't get moved over properly by

WebApp (Save as PDF Only)

If you no longer need to change the notes, the best option would be to save the document as a PDF, so that you can review the notes as needed. This tends to work best from the web app.

  1. Go to: and log in with your

  2. Choose File > Print

  3. Select a PDF printer (Microsoft Print to PDF, or similar)

  4. Adjust the page size to fit all of your notes

  5. Click Print and choose a location to save your note

You can then upload the saved PDF to your student OneDrive if you wish. 


  1. Signing in with your account

  2. Go to File> Export >Notebook>OneNote Package > Export

  3. Saving the file locally on your computer anywhere you want. Do this for all the notebooks you want to move. 

  4. Switch accounts: File > Account > Switch account > Sign in with a different account > sign in with your account. 

  5. Open the notebook: File > Open > Browse, change the dropdown at the bottom of the window from 'OneNote Table of Contents' to 'All files' then navigate to where you saved the notebooks and click on them to open them. 

  6. Choose a name and a location

  7. Save it online by selecting File > Share > OneDrive - University of Waterloo  

  8. Log in online to with your account to ensure that it has properly uploaded - you can find them under your OneDrive account. 


  1. In OneNote app, sign in with your account

  2. Open all your notebooks that you would like to copy over

  3. Sign out and sign in again with your account, do not close any notebooks

  4. Create a new notebook in your @uwaterloo account with the same name as the notebook you want to copy

  5. For each section in the notebook, right-click on the section and choose 'Copy section to...' then choose the new notebook in your account.

Users cannot move the entire notebooks directly. They have to move each section of their notebooks.


6. If the above steps do not work, you can copy and paste the content into a new notebook in your new account.


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