Network connectivity tips

A stable internet connection can make a big difference to your experience learning or working remotely. If you're having trouble with your connection, or just looking to make things a little bit better, the following tips below should help.

Wi-Fi vs Ethernet port

  • Wi-Fi is more susceptible to inference from things like microwaves, bluetooth devices, and other nearby networks that haven't been properly configured.

  • If possible, plug your computer into an ethernet port instead of using Wi-Fi

  • If you're having trouble, and you're using Wi-Fi, it's likely a problem with the Wi-Fi and not the Internet.

How to improve the Wi-Fi experience

There are several things you can do to improve the Wi-Fi experience if you're unable to plug your computer in using an ethernet cable. 

  • Move closer to the wireless router.

  • If you are encountering ongoing problems, unplugging your router, waiting 30 seconds, and plugging it back in. It may take a few minutes to turn back on.

  • Avoid using interfering devices like microwaves while on important calls, streaming video, etc. 

  • Check the settings for your wireless router. Most people have a router/modem provided by their Internet service provider, and while settings differ, the majority will support 5GHz and 2.4GHz. If your device(s) support it, giving the 5GHz network a different name, and using that one instead is going to provide a better experience for most users. 

    • If you are only able to use 2.4GHz, make sure the channels are set to only 1, 6, or 11.

  • If you're confident that things are set up correctly, and there is limited other interference, there could be a problem with your router.

    • If your router is provided by your internet service provider, you can try contacting them to see if replacement of the router is an option.

Internet speed test

  • Running a speed test using can be a great well to tell how well things are working, but it can't differentiate between Wi-Fi problems in your home and problems with the Internet connection coming into your house. If you are able to plug in your computer with an ethernet cord, and you get poor speed test results, it is a good indication that there is something wrong. 

  • How much speed is enough? A very fast Internet connection can be really nice, but is generally not required, even for video streaming.

    1. To stream video in 1080p, you would only use about 5Mbps. If you have at least 5Mbps per person actively working in your household, the speed of your connection is sufficient for most. 

Additional troubleshooting

  1. Try unplugging your router, waiting 30 seconds, and plugging it back in. It may take a few minutes to turn back on. 

  2. Try a different ethernet cable.

  3. If the problems persist, calling your Internet service provider would be a good next step.

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