Intel Unite screen sharing

On the TV

  1. Turn on the TV and the computer and login to your account
  2. Double click the Intel Unite icon(as seen below) on the desktop to launch the program
  3. Once Intel Unite has been launched, the screen will display an address and a pin. You will need these later for the screen you would like to project. To close this screen hit Alt + F4

On the laptop

  1. Turn on the laptop and log into your account
  2. Go to the address displayed on the TV (as seen above and it will open the Intel Unite download site
  3. Click on One Time Use Intel Unite for Microsoft Windows and then choose Run
  4. Check off Do not show me this dialog again then click Yes. A Windows security window may pop up. If it does, you can just close it and continue. 
  5. A window will pop up that says Connect to a screen. Use the on-screen pin pad to enter the pin displayed on the TV. It should automatically connect to the screen once the pin is entered.
  6. That window will change to display the name of the TV you are connected to and give you present options:
    1. Beside the name of the TV is the option to Disconnect
    2. You can decide to present your whole screen or just an application
    3. Note, if you Present Application, audio will not transfer over to the TV but if you Present Screenit will
    4. A number in the top right beside the People icon will show you how many devices are connected to that TV
    5. Another feature is Share Files found at the bottom of this window, which allows you to upload and share files while presenting
  7. You can mute the presentation by clicking on the volume icon. Beside that you can click on Stop Presenting to stop the screen sharing. There is also a Stop Presenting button at the top of the screen