Overview of Teams Webinars

Teams webinars is available for all current University of Waterloo staff and students and provides you tools to schedule a webinar, register attendees and analyze attendee data. Any UWaterloo user with an A3 Microsoft 365 license can schedule a webinar. Any user, including external participants, can register for a scheduled webinar.

For more information, please see https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/get-started-with-teams-webinars-42f3f874-22dc-4289-b53f-bbc1a69013e3.

This article includes:

How are Teams webinars different from Teams meetings? 

Teams webinars 

  • Typically used for: controlled discussions among meeting participants with clear roles (presenters and attendees)

  • Attendee registration required to attend

    • if you have not registered and received the link to the Webinar you will need to register before you can join. It can take up to 15 minutes for you to receive the registration confirmation email, after which you can join by clicking the join the meeting link

  • As the organizer, it is similar to being an owner of a regular Teams meeting. The organizer can help to control the meeting so the presenter can focus on presenting

  • As a presenter, it is similar to being an owner of a regular Teams meeting allowing desktop sharing and other controls

Teams meetings 

  • Typically used for: back-and-forth discussion and collaboration between meeting host(s) and participants

  • No attendee registration required to attend 

Create/schedule a Teams webinar

Step by step

  1. In your Teams calendar, select the arrow to the right of New meeting and then select Webinar.

  2. Modify the require registration setting if required (everyone, no one, or only people in the organization)


  3. Set the Webinar/Meeting title

  4. Assign any other presenters. If you do not do this now, the presenter will not have presenter rights when joining the meeting and will need to be manually promoted by the organizer.

  5. Configure the date and time of the webinar

  6. Add location if required

  7. Click Send

  8. Once the window closes, re-open the newly created Meeting/Webinar and click Edit

  9. Click Customize registration form and set as required (more information in Registration section below)


    1. no information is passed from the meeting to the webinar registration

    2. you will need to set all the information to match the meeting (date, time, etc.)

    3. you can customize any additional fields to be completed out during registration

  10. Click Save. Note: this will send updates to anyone that has already registered, but you should not have yet sent out the link to anyone

  11. Copy registration link and send to all participants or post link

if an update is made to the webinar details by the organizer, an email is sent to all current registrants including a new ICS calendar entry

More information can be found in this article https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/schedule-a-webinar-0719a9bd-07a0-47fd-8415-6c576860f36a

Registration experience


  • registration report can be pulled via the meeting details page in the Teams client. See this article for information on how to download a registration report https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/view-and-download-a-webinar-attendance-report-a29785c1-6b0f-437d-b03f-49506d0a7fa6 (Note that a .csv file is downloaded each time the registration report is run)

  • attendance report is also available from the chat, however it does not contain registration data

  • if you need to update the webinar, you need to remember to update both the meeting and the webinar registration page separately

  • even though registration is required to join, if you do not want the registration open to anyone other than the users you send it to, you must manually turn off the ability to forward the meeting by unchecking Allow forwarding


  • presenters must be added to the meeting calendar entry under the presenters section

  • added presenters will receive a typical meeting invitation email to approve or decline

  • presenters do not have access to registration report and must request from organizer if required

  • has access to meeting registration URL, but no access to edit/update

  • presenters can also register for the webinar, but it is not required


  • if the organizer requires participants to be part of UWaterloo organization

    • these attendees can load the link into their browser while authenticated to UWaterloo

    • if you open this in a browser session that is not authenticated to the UWaterloo organization (a personal Microsoft account for example), the page will be blank

  • if the organizer has opened the webinar to anyone, then a personal account would work

  • register by completing the form

  • confirmation email will be sent up to 15 minutes later containing:

    • ICS calendar file

    • link to the teams meeting hosting the webinar

  • if an update to the webinar details is made by the webinar organizer, an email is sent to all current registrants including a new ICS (i.e. calendar entry)

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