Computer Asset Lifecycle Management System (CALMS)


Asset Lifecycle chart. The stages are Planning, Acquisition, Operations, Reneval and Rehab and Disposal and EOL.


Computer Asset Lifecycle Management System (CALMS) is a database used to organize and keep track of assets for the Arts Computing Office. CALMS track an asset from the time it is purchased until it is time to surplus the asset. It is important that information is kept up-to-date and is accurate for us to reliably use the information from the database. 

It started as a Co-op project back in February 2015, the ACO Team decided that we needed a system to keep track of systems deployed to faculty and staff that provides additional features than the current Excel spreadsheet and MS Access database. 

It is currently being used by the Arts Computing Office, Psychology, and the Library.


Feature Overview

  • List of features and technologies used the project

  • How to find assets

  • Filtering by departments

  • Acquired Year

  • Exporting results

  • Statuses used for this phase (To be purchased, Received)

  • Remove references to Admin Coordinator

  • How to replicate assets using copy function

  • How to use Bulk Edit

  • Deploying Assets

  • important fields to set (location, user, asset information such as serial number)

  • Statuses used: Will be deployed and after deploying it has to be set to "Deployed"

  • Deploying Loaners/Spares (using the iPad for signature)

  • Recovering assets (To be returned) - usually used during Rollover process to identify equipment that a user needs to return, the status can later be set to "Asset on loan" to remind the user that the equipment needs to be returned.

  • Assets on loan (setting due dates and notifications)

  • Take Home (no longer allowed)

  • Difference between Spare/Hot Spare

  • Check with Scott for difference between Spare/Hot Spare on Windows

  • For Macs they are only added now as Spare since they are not joined to Nexus

  • Need to check with Bill/Sherry for documentation

  • Recovery keys section

  • Print labels

  • Recently deleted

  • Asset process after received 

  • Section 3: Operations → Deployment

  • How to Loan on CALMS using the iPad