What is Microsoft Bookings? 

Microsoft Bookings is a Microsoft 365 application used for appointment booking. It can be used for scheduling academic advising appointments, office hours, etc. View Microsoft's FAQ on Bookings

Who gets access to Microsoft Bookings? 


Please note: Microsoft 365 email is required to use Bookings.

Please note: Microsoft 365 email is required to use Bookings.

How does Microsoft Bookings work? 

Microsoft Bookings allows customers to access and schedule appointments through your business calendar. Options available are:

How to create a business calendar with Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings Calendar naming requirements

When requesting a new Bookings calendar, please follow the naming conventions below. Only calendars with acceptable naming conventions will be approved for creation. 

  1. Submit the form Request a Bookings Calendar. Enter a descriptive calendar name and select the most applicable calendar type (Education, IT Support, Recruiting, Healthcare, Financial Services, Sales, or Other). It may take 24-48 hours for your Bookings calendar to be created. The calendar type you choose will not impact the functionality of your Bookings Calendar. If unsure, choose ‘Education’.

  2. Once you receive your calendar, configure and customize the necessary settings. A default service was created along with your calendar. You will need to delete it or edit it with the details of one of your service offerings.

    1. Enter your business information

    2. Add staff to Bookings

    3. Define your service offerings

    4. Schedule business closures, time off, and vacation time

    5. Set your scheduling policies

    6. Set employee working hours

    7. Customize and publish your booking page

    8. Create a manual booking

  3. Now you are ready to share your Bookings Calendar. Go to Booking Page and click 'Copy' to copy the calendar link. Share the calendar link with your customers so that they can start booking! You can click the 'Open published page' button to preview your Booking page. 

    1. Learn more about how to book an appointment in Microsoft Bookings.

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