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When scheduling a Virtual Classroom meeting for either a live or pre-recorded lecture.


  1. Enter your LEARN course and navigate to Virtual Classroom via the Connect tab.
  2. When you first access Virtual Classroom you may see a white page with a blue next button, click next to enter Virtual Classroom.
  3. On the Virtual Classroom page you will see two sections, one for Active Meetings and one for Recorded Meetings, and a large + button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.
  4. Click on the large + button to Schedule a Virtual Classroom meeting. 
  5. Enter a title for your meeting.
  6. Select the meeting date and time or click the now button for pre-recording a lecture.
  7. Set the max duration of the meeting. It is better to overestimate the time required, a meeting cannot be extended while in progress and will close and end the recording 15 minutes after the allotted time.
  8. If your meeting repeats every week for 2-15 weeks you can schedule this meeting to repeat.  
  9. Further down in the Schedule Meeting window you will see the following options:
    1. Automatically record meeting. This will begin the meeting recording as soon as you enter the meeting. This does not have to be checked when scheduling your meeting, there is a record meeting option that can be enabled after you have uploaded your slides and generally prepared yourself for the meeting.
    2. Publish recorded meeting. This must be checked if you would like students to have access to the recording after it is completed. This is also required for any student not able to attend the live meeting to be able to view the recording.
    3. Allow external participants is only required if you will be inviting non-uwaterloo users to the meeting.
      1. This option also works for instructors who want to hold office hours, using Virtual Classroom, for more than one course in LEARN. Selecting this option and copying the Public URL meeting allows the instructor to paste the public link into the second course allowing students from both course to access the same meeting. 
      2. Note: this option requires students joining the meeting to enter their First and Last names.
      3. This option is also available for those students who wish to join a Virtual Classroom meeting using a pseudonym. 
    4. Invite the entire class. This option is required if you want students to be able to participate in a live meeting.
      Note: If you would like a subset or group of students to participate in this meeting, rather than the entire class, do not select this option and use Manage Invites instead.
  10. Save your scheduled Virtual Classroom meeting.


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