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  1. Navigate to the IST 2 factor authentication (2FA) website: (right-click to open page in a new tab, if desired)

  2. Under Select a second factor tool and manage your devices, click "add a device or manage an existing device" and log in

    1. If Duo automatically attempts to send a push to your mobile device, click "Cancel" at the bottom of the screen

  3. Click "Enter a Passcode" but do not type in a passcode

  4. In the bottom-right corner, click "Text me new codes"

  5. This will text a set of single-use codes to your mobile device

  6. You will also receive an email to confirm/alert verify that new codes were requested.


  • Record this list of single-use codes and keep it somewhere safe but available to you

  • Only use a code when your primary device and method of authenticating are not available to you

  • Codes will remain valid for one year, after which they will expire and new codes will be required. These steps may be repeated when you have used all previous codesIn early April, a feature will be enabled that will send an email notification to the requestor's on-campus email address to inform/verify the code request

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