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Work equipment guidelines

To support a flexible workspace both at home and in the office, IST Department budget permitting, IST recommends University employees receive a laptop computer and one docking station. While a laptop is not a requirement to return to campus, it is recommended to provide flexibility while  

University-owned equipment


working from home and in the office. Additional benefits of using a laptop vs. a desktop:

  • IT sustainability - using a single work device has lower overall energy expenditure in comparison to using multiple devices for a remote desktop setup. 

  • User workflow - using a University-provided laptop eliminates the need to use remote desktop in most cases; users can access software directly on their laptop.

If you have a University-owned desktop

  • Your desktop should remain in the office. To connect to your desktop from an off-campus computer, first connect to the VPN, then connect to your machine using remote desktop.

  • Desktop computers that have been taken home should be returned to the office once you begin working on campus regularly again.

  • Computers that have been shut off (or managed Windows machines used at home without VPN) for 3+months should be updated by your IT support staff before it is used for work, to ensure proper functioning and security. Contact your IT support staff for assistance.

If you have a University-owned laptop


Secure computing practices