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Possible Solution(s)

Unable to sign in

Ensure you are logging in at

Ensure you’re using the correct credentials. You should be using your UW ADFS login.

If you have not updated your Zoom email to username@uwaterloo.cayou will not be able to log in. Please refer to this document to update your account: Update Zoom Email

Try logging in on an incognito/private browser

Open a new browser that you have not logged into Zoom with and attempt to log in

If you have tried all the above and an error message still appears email with subject line: “Need a Zoom account” to request an account.

Unable to join

Ensure you have the correct Zoom client installed

If you see the message “You are on hold,” you have been placed in the waiting room by the host and must wait until the host admits you

If you see the message “Please wait for the host to start this meeting,” the host hasn’t joined and that you will be able to join the meeting when the host is ready

If you see the message Please enter the meeting password, you must enter the passcode provided in the meeting invite

No Audio (“No one can hear me”)

Check meeting controls to confirm your microphone is on

In the meeting controls, click the arrow beside the microphone icon and ensure the correct microphone is being used

Make sure all programs that use microphone are closed

Test your audio on other device applications. If audio isn’t working outside of Zoom troubleshoot for the specific device

No Video (“No one can see me”)

Check the meeting controls to confirm you’re sharing your video

In the meeting controls, click the arrow beside the camera icon and ensure the correct camera is being used

Make sure that any other programs that use the camera are closed.

Leave the meeting and re-join

Restart your computer

If still not working: Check if camera is working on other desktop applications.

If the camera is working elsewhere, uninstall and reinstall the Zoom client.

If the camera is not working elsewhere consult your device’s support.

Internet connection issues

Ensure you’re not using VPN

If possible, turn off your camera

Click View and select Speaker view to limit incoming video

Exit all nonessential programs and ensure they’re not running in the background

Ensure that updates are not downloading on your device

If you’re sharing WiFi, make sure others aren’t using large amounts of bandwidth (video streaming, large file downloads)

Reboot your router

Screen sharing issues

Make sure your internet connection is good before sharing content

If you are having internet connection issues, stop your video before sharing to free up some bandwidth

If users cannot hear what you’re sharing: If you’re already sharing, click More on the share control bar and click “Share computer sound.” This feature can also be enabled before sharing by clicking the “Share computer sound” from the bottom left corner of the share window

Missing features

If features are missing, make sure you haven’t joined from a browser. Joining from the app on your device is the best way to have access to all features

Ensure the feature you’re looking for is enabled in your settings

Make sure your system and version of Zoom meet the requirements for the feature you’re looking for