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  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) will be required in order to connect to the VPN. In the 'Second Password' field, enter one of the following, then click Connect.

    Read more about the 2FA changes. 

    1. For Duo Mobile push (app): 

      • To avoid multiple prompts on your phone, accept the push within 10 seconds.

      • Open your Duo app, select University of Waterloo, enter the code in the second password field [Recommended option], or

      • Enter ‘push' or 'push1’ to send the prompt to your primary device, or

      • Enter ‘push2’ to receive the prompt on a secondary device, ‘push3’ to receive the prompt on a tertiary device, etc.

      -For Duo hardware token: enter your 6-digit code

      -For Duo Bypass code: enter your bypass code

      -For SMS codes: enter ‘sms’; you will get a text message with 10 codes. Re-enter your password, and type the first code in the second password field.

      -For Yubikey: enter the code generated by touching the Yubikey

      -For Phone Call: enter 'phone'

      • Enter ‘phone2’ to receive the prompt on a secondary device, ‘phone3’ to receive the prompt on a tertiary device, etc.

      • If you are not receiving Duo phone calls, you may have a setting that is blocking the phone calls. Some possible solutions include adding the Duo phone number, (306) 900-4884, to your device whitelist, or if the service is blocking unknown callers, add the Duo phone number as a contact on the device.

        • iPhone: 'Silence Unknown Callers'

        • Telus/Koodo: 'Call Control'

        • Android: 'Block Unknown Callers'

        • Call Control or Call Blocker app

        • Any anti-spam service

  • You should now be connected! If you want to make sure you are connected, then you can click on Cisco AnyConnect, which should show you it as “Connected”.

Alternative Method to install VPN in Ubuntu

  1.  First run command below to active the TUN module

    Code Block
    sudo /sbin/modprobe tun 


  2. Install OpenConnect: 

    Code Block
    sudo apt-get install openconnect 

  3. Connect to VPN, run: 

    Code Block
    sudo openconnect -v 


  1. Install some VPN plug-ins for Network Manager: 

    Code Block
    sudo apt-get install network-manager-pptp network-manager-vpnc network-manager-openvpn 

  2. If prompted for your password, type it, and press Enter.

  3. If you are told that a package “is already the newest version,” ignore it and continue with the next command.

  4. If asked to “continue [Y/n],” press Y, followed by Enter.

  5. Open the connections settings dialogue, go to the VPN tab and add a new connection.

  6. Select “Cisco AnyConnect”: 

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Contact the IST Service Desk online or 519-888-4567 ext. 44357.


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